Colour Personality Test Yellow: A Deep Dive

by | May 31, 2024

iMA (which stands for Identify, Modify, Adapt) is a powerful tool that enables businesses and individuals alike to observe and understand how people communicate, so they can connect with them on their own wavelength. The process involves taking a quick questionnaire that assigns you one of four colours; High Green, High Yellow, High Blue, and High Red.

Everyone in the world fits into one of these colour personality types. As a result, 25% of the population is exactly like you, 50% shares some commonality, while the remaining 25% is the polar opposite. Once you know how, spotting which person is which colour can become incredibly simple, so you can effortlessly change your own communication style to better suit theirs.

But what exactly does each profile mean? Having already given a broad overview of each result in another article, in this blog we’ll take a deep dive into one specific result of the colour personality test: yellow. Read on to find out more.

What is Meant by “High” Yellow?

Before we delve headfirst into what a colour personality test result of yellow means, it’s important to address why iMA assigns each individual a “high” colour. The reason for this is simple. Everybody is a mixture of all four colours, with one of them being dominant.

How much of a mix people are is unique to them, with each individual’s iMA makeup being akin to a thumb print. The iMA process just focuses on their dominant trait, however, making it easier to interpret and understand different personalities. Simple, yet in no way simplistic.

Colour Personality Test Yellow Result: What Does it Mean?

Discovering somebody’s (and indeed your own) iMA colour gives you a unique insight into their personality, strengths and weaknesses, and who they’re most likely to get on or work well with. By gaining an understanding into the different iMA colours, you can also identify which person is which colour, enabling you to tailor your own communication style to suit theirs.

Here’s everything you need to know about a colour personality test result of yellow:

Main Personality Traits

People with an iMA colour of High Yellow are assertive and relationship focused. They’re happy to express their thoughts and feelings, enjoy working at a fast pace, make quick decisions, and are constantly looking at what’s coming over the horizon — rather than focusing on the here and now.

High Yellows are right-brained thinkers, making them open and chatty. They’re non-linear in their thought process, focus largely on people and building relationships, and thrive on things like praise and congratulations.

Strengths & Weaknesses

In common with the other three iMA colour styles, High Yellows have an abundant number of unique strengths. These can help you gain an insight into not just their personality, but also the sorts of jobs and hobbies in which they thrive.

High Yellows are driven by ideas and have a bucket load of them to share. Some of their very best ideas come to them at a moment’s notice, or even at the very last minute. They’re also extremely persuasive, influential, and good at selling. This is largely due to the fact that a High Yellow has exceptional interpersonal communications skills, is excellent at networking and building relationships, and can easily connect with people. The fact that they’re positive and creative individuals makes them all the more endearing.

Just like everyone else, however, High Yellows do have their limitations. They’re impulsive and don’t always think through the fine details, making them likely to change their mind or direction at the drop of a hat. Because they’re always thinking one step ahead, they often miss out words from written correspondence and are prone to being distracted. In addition, a High Yellow can be inconsistent and unrealistic, driven by a need to like and be liked that can lead them to making promises and setting time frames that they later struggle to keep.

Commonality with Other Colours

Discovering who High Yellows work well with (and don’t get on with) is extremely important. As you’d expect, they get on easily with other High Yellows — given that they’ll be easily able to strike up conversations, share ideas, and have fun.

You’ll no doubt have heard the phrase “people buy people”. While this is generally not accurate, it’s often proved to be true in the case of High Yellows — especially if they’re dealing with another just like them. High Yellows do indeed buy High Yellows!

Someone who has a colour personality test result of yellow will also work well with High Reds, given that both styles are assertive; working at pace and thinking ahead. The combination is potentially dynamic, with High Yellows providing the vision and High Reds providing the pragmatic leadership a great deal can be achieved.

In addition High Yellows work well with High Blues. Like High Yellows, High Blues are right brain thinking and are led by building relationships with people. This combination is very effective when dealing with individuals over a longer period of time. High Yellows are more likely to initiate a conversation and a relationship, whereas High Blues are better at maintaining a relationship.

The iMA colour that High Yellows may clash with most is High Green. High Greens are not assertive like High Yellows and are left brain logical thinkers, who have an astonishing attention to detail. They revel in the details, whereas High Yellows like to know the bottom line. However the very fact that they have an opposite set of skills can work to both of their benefit, once they know how to work with one another.

How to Tell You’re Talking to a High Yellow

A High Yellow is naturally comfortable with people, so you’ll notice that they tend to look you straight in the eye. Indeed, making eye contact with this type of individual is usually a signal to kickstart a conversation — so be careful not catch their gaze if you’re not looking to communicate!

You’ll also notice that people with a colour personality test result of yellow are enthusiastic and speak loudly. It is rarely said of an iMA High Yellow that they went unnoticed within a group of people, since they love to talk, influence, share stories and make connections with people.

High Yellows speak quickly, think quickly and like to make fast decisions. They are gregarious, friendly, impulsive, outgoing, expressive, spontaneous and fun loving people.

Unleash the Potential of iMA Colours

Now you understand the basics of what a colour personality test result of yellow actually means, why not put this knowledge into action? The first step is to take the iMA personality questionnaire to find out what colour you are and then begin to identify other people’s colours and what makes them tick.

Once that’s been done, you can begin to discover how the process can help you with all areas of business activity, such as recruitment, mediation, education, and hospitality. It can even assist you with ensuring you have the right people in the right places, fostering an environment that allows everyone to thrive.

To find out more about how to put iMA into practice, get in touch with me today.

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