Pitching To Win

Standing out from the crowd is what needs to happen if a pitch is going to be won.  This is about a face to face product or service pitch for the purpose of selling or acquiring investment or the final stage of a competitive tender.  It is very common for pitches to lack real focus, to be under researched, to waste key opportunities and to be defensive in tone.   Every pitch is both a long term and short term opportunity, presenting yourself and the specific project in the short term and presenting yourself and the business in the long term.  Pitching is a performance skill and must aim to achieve the same goals of any performance which are to engage and win over the audience.

All my training has elements of media and performing arts skills, subtly mixed in with necessary and original business thinking. Stand-up comedy devices play an important part especially when developing and delivering a pitch but in all cases encouraging and coaching people to have an unstinting confidence to engage, to enthuse, to entice, to excite and to entertain.

The training sessions are comprehensive, thought provoking and good fun!

My aim is to inspire and motive people to love personal interaction of any kind and to understand its value, gain the ability to tell stories as opposed to deliver facts, win over their audience and win the business.  Slides (both PowerPoint or KeyNote are forbidden!)

BWM Seminar 3

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