Impactful Presentation Training

This is initially driven towards two main purposes.  Firstly Live Marketing”  which is almost always overlooked as a key marketing strategy.  Taking and creating opportunities to speak in front of an audience of decision makers and influencers whose details you capture as part of the talk by asking them to complete a feedback form.   The feedback forms ask both market research questions which provides useful data for both the speaker and the audience and obtains permission for the speaker to follow-up and arrange a meeting.  It is a unique form of marketing which is both effective and very cost effective and begins a relationship not possible with broader brush marketing.  For this to work the speaker needs to be  first class!

The second purpose is to become a “Key Person of Influence” or “Key Opinion Leader”  in your chosen field.   Opportunities to speak are numerous, partially because there are many events and few willing speakers.  By speaking far and wide, and speaking well, a speaker will become the “go-to” person and a thought leader in their chosen field.  This leads to an opportunity to publish and to be invited to write and comment in all variations of media which helps the individual’s profile grown and will make it easy for them to market and sell their product or service and meet other thought leaders in different areas of expertise.

BWM Seminar 3

Always Tell a Story

Always Cause a Reaction

Never Use Slides

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