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Ashley Boroda Communication Training

Face to face communication skills are more vital in the internet age than at any other time.

We are not alone

You are now able to convey your message to a huge number of people electronically throughout the World, which is amazing except so can everyone else.

Stand-up and stand out from the crowd

The web alone will not bring you the business you ultimately desire. Modern methods of communication need to be augmented with face to face meetings, preferably with as large a number of prospective clients/customers/patients as possible.

Competive Edge

Great communication skills are essential to retain a competitive advantage. Communicating with humour will give you an even greater advantage.

People are more open to new ideas whilst laughing

Many people fear speaking to large groups. Through the techniques used in stand-up comedy Ashley Boroda will allay your fears and instil an unflinching confidence in your ability to perform inspirational, engaging and memorable presentations.


The ability to communicate effectively is a skill for life. As a life skill it is much like riding a bike except easier and arguable more useful.