iMA for Training

iMA is an exceptional communication tool which makes understanding others and the way they wish to be communicated with very straightforward. iMA increases tolerance, promotes understanding, reduces communication breakdowns , it improves both written and spoken communication by identifying the patterned, programmed and predictable way we all communicate.

iMA is being used successfully for negotiating, educating, mediating, entertaining, recruiting, retaining, exhibiting, training and coaching. Whenever a communication, of any kind, takes place between two or more people, iMA comes into play.


Use iMA to: 

  • Improve communication within teams and across an entire company or organisation
  • Become more attuned to clients/customers/prospects
  • Finesse the job specification of every team member to ensure they are a perfect match for their role
  • Improve accuracy in recruitment, knowing that every person and every job has an iMA colour
  • Create harmony in all aspects of life

iMA Training

To be able to use iMA to its full potential contact Ashley Boroda to book an iMA training course. Two half day sessions for up to 24 people which take place six weeks apart. For more information and dates email

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