iMA Colour Profile Personality Test

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What is iMA?

Short for Identify, Modify, Adapt, iMA is a colour-based language that helps people to better connect and communicate with each other. By understanding how you and others like to be talked to, it can help to modify behaviours and make everyone feel comfortable.

The iMA colour profile personality test works by asking 10 short questions to determine whether you’re a high blue, red, yellow, or green — with each colour having its own characteristics. It gives you an in-depth insight into the impact you can have on other people and they can have on you.

Everyone has their own iMA colour personality, which essentially means that you share the same style of communication with 25% of the entire population. Amazing, right? On top of that, you’ll also share certain characteristics with another 50% of people, while the remaining quarter will be the exact opposite.

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Benefits of the iMA Colour Profile Personality Test

Understanding iMA colour personality profiles can benefit businesses in a wide number of ways, especially when it comes to recruitment, retention, and client management.


You can use iMA to determine the colour of the role you’re recruiting for and then tailor the job description so it appeals to exactly the type of person you need. While you may also attract candidates with similar characteristics, you’ll be practically guaranteed to avoid the polar opposite of what you’re looking for — making the entire process much more streamlined and straightforward.

The interview stage itself should also be geared towards the colour personality you’re looking for, enabling them to give the best possible account of themselves. It’s also a good idea to make the interviewing party have similar characteristics to the candidate, to make the atmosphere more relaxed.


Utilising the iMA colour profile personality test can help ensure your employees are happy and that their role matches what they’re good at and enjoy. If someone is in a position that’s not geared towards them, they’re unlikely to perform at their best and should instead be allowed to flourish in a role which is more attuned to their nature.

iMA can help you reward your staff according to the type of praise they’d appreciate. If an opportunity for promotion comes up, you will also be able to identify the colour personality required to fulfil the role and promote accordingly.

Client Management

If you’re having trouble dealing with a difficult client, it could be that you’re communicating in a different way to what they’re used to. By understanding their colour personality profile, you can tailor your emails, phone calls, and online meetings to match their characteristics.

Another option is to pair your clients with someone who has the same or similar colour personality. This should ensure all parties get along well, as they’ll be more in tune with each other.

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iMA in Action

The iMA colour profile personality test can easily be implemented across all areas of industry, including:









The Science Behind iMA Colour Personalities

iMA is a simplification of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s classification of personality types linked to the colours red, blue, yellow, and green. These colours were placed in a grid with X and Y axes, with X representing the line between being introverted and extraverted, and Y denoting the line between thinking and feeling.

The same principles are present in iMA colour personality profiles, with people being divided based on how assertive they are and whether they are left or right brain thinkers. Individuals are then categorised according to their colour:

  • High Red (assertive, left brain)
  • High Yellow (assertive, right brain)
  • High Green (non-assertive, left brain)
  • High Blue (non-assertive, right brain)

Because everyone has traits from each colour in their personality, just at different levels, the term “high” is used to denote their dominant colour.

A Brief Overview of iMA Personality Colours

Your iMA colour personality profile is derived from how assertive and people-oriented you are. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’ll be presented with a deep-dive into your dominant colour and what that means for you as a person and a communicator.

As a taster, here’s a snapshot of what each colour actually means:

A results-driven go-getter that is laser-focused on achieving their goals.

Spontaneous and talkative, they focus on people and are driven by their ideas.


Natural problem-solvers who are well-organised and driven by their thoughts.


Loyal and amiable, they are feelings-driven Cand focus on building relationships.

Why Work with Ashley Boroda

Ashley Boroda has many years of experience with helping businesses and individuals to communicate more effectively by using iMA. He has worked with clients from all sectors — including accountancy, law, hospitality, technology, and education.

By working with Ashley, you can learn not only how to effectively communicate with others, but also how to celebrate your own strengths and talents. This practice has often been instrumental in improving trust, cooperation, and communications within organisations, while reducing stress and tension.

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Client Testimonials

Learn more about how the iMA colour profile personality test has helped clients from all areas of industry.

“The coaching journey with Ashley has been a springboard into developing a whole school coaching culture which is part of our development plan. Exciting times ahead!”

Joanne Hurst, Headteacher

“The iMA training with Ashley was not only thoroughly enjoyable and understandable but will have a real application in how I build relationships with clients and colleagues.”

Paul Bricknell, Kuits Solicitors

“It has fundamentally changed the way we think about our business. We are looking to re-structure based on a better understanding of how people communicate.”

Mark Goldman, MJ Goldman Chartered Accountants

“I genuinely believe that the training has enhanced the communication skills of my team both with other staff members and clients.”

Rob Miller, Inquesta Forensic

“The way that I communicate with my clients and associates has become more efficient and has resulted in more meaningful and productive connections.”

Alex Onalaja, KYSO

“We were not 100% sure what to expect but his session blew us away and as one of our board members said “This has changed my life.”

Helen Cobb, Delifresh Ltd

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