iMA for Recruitment

Ensuring that All the Right People are in all the Right Places at the Right Time.


People have iMA Colours and Jobs have iMA Colours

All Companies, when recruiting, need to hire the right people, train them to a high standard to ensure that their employees are happy and flourishing, in turn the team members’ job is to delight the client/customer. If the customer/client is happy the chances are you have a successful business. This only works when the right people are deployed to the right jobs, which all too often isn’t the case. 

By using iMA, the only non-psychometric communication tool in existence, any organisation can develop a winning strategy by analysing every job and task and matching it to a specific style. That job style can be matched to a person of the same style, meaning this perfect match has landed you an employee who loves the job you need them to do. People thrive in jobs that they love and they love those jobs because they are good at it, the reason they are good at the job is simply because they are a perfect match. Unlike psychometric systems iMA is: user friendly, straight forward and has no test!

iMA Talent Finder

By answering a maximum of 5 short questions you can be laser accurate as to which iMA colour the job you are recruiting for, leading to an iMA recruitment process focusing on hiring the right person and deploying an iMA specific process to ensue that happens.

iMA Training

To know how to use iMA for recruiting set-up an iMA training course with Ashley Boroda. Two half day sessions for up to 24 people which take place six weeks apart. For more information and dates email

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