iMA for Team Retention

In addition to openly displaying how much you value the members of your team and treating them accordingly you can ensure both their happiness and your own company productivity by having all the right people in all the right places at the right time. Everyone thrives at what they do well and visa-versa making them happy, inspired and productive. This will happen if close attention is paid to the roles of each team member. People have iMA colours and jobs/roles also have iMA colours.

All teams function well when they are well lead, autonomous and have members assigned to roles where they can play to their strengths, grow and slowly expand their comfort zones. Making big jumps in and out of ones’ comfort zone is, even in the medium term, disruptive and ineffective.

By using iMA, a non-psychometric communication tool, all organisations can develop a winning strategy by quickly analysing all jobs and tasks and matching them to one of the four specific styles (iMA colours). That jobs can be matched to a person ensures that you have the right employee for the right job. People thrive in jobs that they love and they love those jobs because they are good at them, they are a perfect match.

Unlike psychometric systems iMA is: user friendly, straight forward and has no test!

By matching jobs to people you will have a very effective team, one where you can continue to retain your best team members and continually grow your business.

iMA Talent Finder

By answering a maximum of 5 short questions you can be laser accurate as to what iMA colour the job you are recruiting for, leading to an iMA recruitment process focusing on hiring the right person and deploying an iMA specific process to ensure that happens.

iMA Team Health Check

A great opportunity to look at the functionality, vision, purpose and engagement of your team is to have a full iMA Team Audit.  It will help to ensure that the roles in the team are fine-tuned to allow everything and everybody to work in harmony, creating better outcomes right across the board. Contact to book an audit.

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