iMA for Hospitality

There is no point in trying to fit square pegs in to round holes, everyone has their natural talents and comfort zones which need to be celebrated and utilised skilfully and successfully.

Open people (High Yellow and High Blue) are happy when engaging with others and gain high job satisfaction from doing so. This is why a hospitality business thrives when High Yellow and High Blue team members are the front of house.

Self-contained people (High Red and High Green) flourish when they accomplish tasks. This gives them significant job satisfaction whilst providing the business with a back-office function that works like clockwork, undisturbed by those talkative open people.

By using iMA, a non-psychometric communication tool, all organisations can develop a winning strategy by quickly analysing all jobs and tasks and matching them to one of the four specific style (iMA colour). That jobs can be matched to a person ensures that you have the right employee for the right job. People thrive in jobs that they love and they love those jobs because they are good at them, they are a perfect match.

Unlike psychometric systems iMA is: user friendly, straight forward and has no test!

iMA Talent Finder

By answering a maximum of 5 short questions you can be laser accurate as to which iMA colour the job you are recruiting for, leading to an iMA recruitment process focusing on hiring the right person and deploying an iMA specific process to ensue that happens.

iMA Training

To know how to use iMA for recruiting set-up an iMA training course with Ashley Boroda. Two half day sessions for up to 24 people which take place six weeks apart. For more information and dates email

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