What is a Red Personality in iMA?

by | Jun 12, 2024


When answering a colour personality test or more accurately a questionnaire (a test suggests that you can pass or fail, which you can’t when answering a survey), you are asked a number of short questions which by answering in a certain way, indicates personality traits; meaning that you are one of four styles or colours. (Everyone is one of the four). From the iMA questionnaire (www.ashleyboroda-ima.com) you can discover what style or colour you are; either, High Red, High Yellow,  High Green or High Blue.

If your answers indicate that you are assertive and relationship focused your result will show that you are an iMA High Yellow. If you are assertive, logical and task focused the result will show that you are an iMA High Red. If your result says that you an iMA High Blue it will be because your answers show that you are a receptive or non-assertive person who is also people and relationship focused, and if the answer says that you are an iMA High Green you are logical, task lead and non-assertive.  And that is how it works. Simple, yet in no way simplistic.

Let’s focus now on those who have found out that they are an iMA High Red. Having a Red personality means that you are representative of 25% of the human population who also share the same outlook and are on the same wavelength as you are. You and other High Reds rub along really well together and because of the style of personality that you are and the way in which you naturally communicate, you are very likely to find yourself in a fast paced and very direct interaction with your fellow High Red. You will be getting to the point immediately with a significantly reduced amount of small talk, being bright and brief while coming to a conclusion and a plan of action.   

High Reds are assertive people. Assertive people are happy to express their opinions, they like working at a fast pace and making quick decisions and they are constantly and consistently looking to what is coming next as opposed to looking at the here and now. High Reds are also what is described in iMA as Left Brain Thinking. Left brain thinking people are self contained, logical, lead by thoughts and tasks. They are comfortable and skilled working with detail, creating structure and working independently. Assertiveness and left brain thinking are the two defining factors which are the key ingredients to the personality make-up of an iMA High Red. 

How Do You Know When You’re Communicating with a High Red?

Firstly, High Reds get to the point of any communication very quickly. They like to get on topic almost immediately and will not linger in a conversation or written communication longer than they feel is strictly necessary. You will notice that High Reds are very direct, are economical with their language and speak quickly.

For the other four iMA colours it is often thought that a High Red is being rude, terse or off-hand, when in fact they are just being High Red. It is not their intention to seem dismissive or irritated.  High Reds are very time conscious and want to use their time productively and are looking for immediate results. The High Red raison d’etre is driven by goals.  High Reds have an extraordinary ability to get things done and on time. They are well organised good at taking charge, sticking to the task in hand and leading others.

Limitations of High Reds

High Reds, just like everyone else, have limitations. They are likely to be impatient, irritable, very blunt, critical, aggressive, uncooperative, restless and pushy, if they are not seeing fast enough progress and their goals are not being met. They are very likely to answer a question with a one word answer which, especially if it is a response to a question on an email, it will prove not to be very helpful, particularly to the 75% of the worlds’ human population who are not High Red. Inevitably the High Red will receive an email requesting clarification, which will annoy them, as they see it as wasting time when they have already made themselves clear. To other High Reds maybe, but rarely to any of the three other iMA colours who are not clear what is being said. 

Who High Reds Work Well With

Who High Reds work well with is important. Firstly they work well with other High Reds. Their “Redness” will ensure that they are working in tandem with a clear goal in mind and a set and achievable timeframe. They will also ensure that no time is wasted and there is no unnecessary communications ( a view shared strictly between themselves).

High Reds work well with High Yellows, the reason being is that both styles are assertive;  like working at pace and thinking ahead. The combination is potentially dynamic, with High Yellows providing the vision and High Reds providing the pragmatic leadership; a great deal can be achieved. In addition High Reds work well with High Greens. Both High Reds and High Greens are left brain thinking, self contained, logical, thoughts driven and task orientated. High Reds are very assertive so the significant difference is the pace of working, High Reds fast with High Greens taking their time. High Greens strengths lie in their ability to work with detail.

The iMA colour that High Reds may clash with are High Blues. High Blues are not assertive like High Reds and they are right brain thinkers whereas High Reds are left brain thinkers. High Blues prioritise relationships, they work at a considered pace and like to collaborate and chat through issues, High Reds on the other hand are moving at a rapid pace, demand quicker decisions and are less worried about small talk and relationships.  It is very important for High Reds to make a great effort when working alongside High Blues.  The gap in the levels of assertiveness is significant and they can come across to High Blues as rude, terse and unfriendly.

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