Hi Ashley

Following the iMA training you have done with Meridian, I have the pleasure of providing the following testimonial:

Over a period of time several of our teams attended iMA training session facilitated by Ashley Boroda, and I am compelled to share my exceptional experience. Ashley’s approach to training is nothing short of transformative. From the outset, Ashley cultivated an atmosphere of engagement and enthusiasm that made every moment of the training not only educational but genuinely enjoyable.

Ashley’s expertise has helped us to communicate and understand each other far better, whether in an in-person scenario, or on a video call or most significantly in an email. Ashley has also helped us be aware of the iMA colours/styles of all of our clients and candidates and the best way to communicate with them.

His passion for the subject matter is infectious, and he has an innate ability to inspire confidence. Ashley is on a mission to remove all unnecessary communication breakdowns, reduce stress while increasing productivity and workplace satisfaction and dynamism.

In conclusion, Ashley Boroda’s training has helped us develop our communication skills to a very high standard and opened our eyes to the four possible ways people communicate.  I would highly recommend his training.

Best regards


Sarah Ward FCIPD | Head of HR
Meridian Business Support