As a firm of accountants, we rely on communication – both between ourselves and when dealing with clients.

After meeting Ashley at a BNI meeting and hearing about his iMA courses, we asked him to come to our offices and deliver one to our team, to help us all understand more about it.

Everybody really enjoyed the session and Ashey was a superb host.  His training was both fun and very informative.  He was also on hand to answer any questions we had.  In fact, Barry, my business partner, and I still speak to Ashley about iMA regularly.

As a client-facing organisation, it has fundamentally changed the way we think about our business.  We are looking to re-structure based on a better understanding of how people communicate – putting the right people with the right tasks. Also, we have been able to segregate our client base to ensure the right people work with the right client to improve the quality of communication and ultimately the service we provide.  This has made a huge positive impact in our business.

I would recommend Ashley to anyone in business – especially anyone who wants to communicate better with the world.

Ashley says he is “probably” the world’s best business coach, we tend to agree.

Mark Goldman