Ashley was referred to help prepare us for an interview at the final stage of an important bid.  This part of the tender is too often overlooked when it is arguably the most key.   Ashley’s innovative approach was different from anything myself or my colleagues had experienced previously.  His aim was to make us stand-out when we went to interview and that is exactly what happened.  The simple techniques helped us with keeping to time, keeping on track and made us feel relaxed and confident when presenting.  Ashley’s tools to use humour skilfully in an interaction led us to be natural and to be ourselves when we were pitching. This assisted in breaking the tension and helped to humanise the process.  He also encouraged us to break from the norm and use various kinds of vision aids to illustrate our proposal, however there was not a power-point slide in sight, not one!  This seemed to come as a welcome relief to the interview panel.

Having said all that the most important thing is to win the bid, which we did.  I can honestly say that the training and preparation with Ashley was one of the best things I’ve done!