I took the course mainly to gain confidence and had very little thought of performing stand up, the course was wonderful showing us how to project our voice, breathing techniques and how to present ourselves. As I manage a busy Resource Centre for Manchester Social Services I needed to be able to do presentations and training packages to my team, This course has helped me present training in a fun way which has helped engage my team more and training now is fun and more interactive, Presentations are more interesting and I can hold the interest of all I n a large room The course has given me an interest in comedy and I have performed my stand up at the Town Hall a few times, I run a Giggle Group at the Centre, launched our own Radio Station at the Centre (Smile Time Radio) been on TV, Radio Manchester and all of this because of this wonderful course. Ashley Boroda made all of this happen for me and my team, the course is so much more than comedy it is about confidence, belief, trust, making things happen looking at things in a positive way and yes embracing fun as delivering things with smile is so much more interesting. Would I do it again yes in a flash but I think this course should be shared by as many as possible as it is so much better than any prescription I have heard of. When I finished the course I thanked Ashley for his wisdom but I know every time I present training, presentations and stand up it is because he gave me the confidence to, so in many ways the course is almost organic and grows daily within in us giving confidence and motivation to get things done.