Meridian Business Support got over 200 members of staff together in Stratford upon Avon on a Saturday afternoon. As a precursor to a glittering awards event in the evening the afternoon session, informing staff of past year results and future strategy has often been difficult to pitch at the right level. With a variety of job functions and experience levels the audience has often had to endure an afternoon of graphs, bullet points and PowerPoint. This year, to get some important company messages across and to engage and develop staff skills we tried something different; no projector, no PowerPoint and no microphone.

We enjoyed a developmental session delivered by Ashley Boroda who helped us to identify our stand-out and stand-up skills. Ashley’s unique style and competent, engaging delivery had the audience of 200 discovering new skills and techniques. The session absolutely flew by with many people feeling sorry that the session had to end as more and more wanted to leap up in front of the daunting audience and pitch their piece. A number of our staff found their voice and could grace any comedy club stage (another couple could appear but it would have to be well after the watershed!)

I thoroughly recommend Ashley to help get complex messages over to a broad audience.