I highly recommend Ashley Boroda’s comedy workshop. In our profession we are expected to present complex information to large groups of potential clients and other lawyers. To present in a way that is clear, confident and entertaining is an invaluable business and life skill. From those of us who dread the thought of presenting to the more confident amongst us who have the weight of heavy expectation on their shoulders, it is a daunting task. Ashley’s workshops are a new way of dealing with both preparation and practice of presenting. His anecdotes are both entertaining and useful – his tips and practical exercises simply work. The sessions are enjoyable and challenging. Ashley’s method of disguised learning is that the participants prepare to do a 10 minute stand up comedy routine. If you can do that, 40 minutes on Boundary Disputes will be simple.  I wish that I had known Ashley’s methods years ago. I can’t recommend it highly enough. This is totally different from the marketing workshops of yesteryear. This is bang on what you need to make a better impression as individuals and as a firm.